Thursday, April 3, 2008

HAZE "maximizes the potential of the PS3"

Free Radical made HAZE a PlayStation 3 exclusive in order to enable it to "maximizes the potential of the PS3", according to Free Radical.

Derek Littlewood, Project Lead for the game said that the development team were "enjoying working with the PS3" and that "it's always nice to be able to focus on making one thing great rather than spreading your efforts".

Derek Littlewood explains why they went PlayStation 3 exclusive: "At Free Radical we've always had a good history with PlayStation hardware. If you look all the way back to the European launch of the PS2, we had TimeSplitters coming out as a PS2 exclusive then. Ever since then we've always worked well with PlayStation hardware. And so when it came to HAZE it was an obvious decision to make. Our coders were enjoying working with the PS3 and it seemed a good decision. As a developer it's always nice to be able to focus on making one thing great rather than spreading your efforts. So we were pleased to have the opportunity to focus purely on PS3."

He said that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are both great pieces of hardware, but the PlayStation 3 allowed them to maximise the potential of that particular platform. When asked if it will come to the Xbox 360, Littlewood said: "I can literally say nothing on that at all!". At least we know it is exclusive for now.

[Haze exclusivity "maximises the potential of the PS3"]


incredibilistic said...

Here's my problem, first off, the game has been delayed a million times. Then Free Radical has gone back on their word regarding the exclusivity of the game time and again.

With all this back and forth I have a lot of trouble believing anything these guys say. They're credibility is in the toilet in my book. All I want is the game. Let the game speak for itself. The worst part about making a statement like "maximizing the PS3" is that it MUST deliver on all fronts.

I'll stop there but I think Free Radical should close its doors until the game is done. Stop talking to people and get the friggin' game done already. All that time being spent on interviews should be used to get the game in a box and in the store.

Anonymous said...

Bloody delay whiner.

incredibilistic said...

I'll have some cheese with my whining too.

That's right, I said something about the delay, you gotta problem with that you anonymous s*** bag?

If Free Radical could stick to their word on exclusivity and a release date I think everyone would be a lot happier.

xbandaidx said...

I actually agree with anon here Incredibilistic, it's annoying to see people just wanting something out the door, rather than having a quality product. I don't care if they keep delaying something as long as it improves a product.

At this point and time, who cares about exclusivity, the game is so far into development right now on the PS3, it would be the lead platform, and anything they would have to do to make it work on another platform would have to be downgraded/compressed. It was made for the PS3 in mind FIRST, not multiple platforms.

Nintendo is infamous for delays, does that stop them from having a quality product that sells millions? No it doesn't. You need to learn some patience and just accept that how things are going. You moaning and complaining on a blog isn't going to do anything.

Shibbs said...

I'm with incred, I've heard a million times these guys wanting to put this game on the 360. this, "we made it for PS3 to MAXIMIZE it's potential" is pure crap.

incredibilistic said...

I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree and in some ways maybe I'm taking out my frustrations on Haze when I'm really pissed about everything else.

Like the delay of Home, LBP, Killzone 2, Gran Turismo 5 (yes we're getting Prologue but the REAL game is another year away), more than one update per week in the PSN Store and of course in-game XMB.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for taking time to get the product right but some of this stuff is just taking way, way too long.

Anonymous said...

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