Friday, April 18, 2008

onAXIS Closed Till Sunday Night, Once More

Alright guys, something just sort of happened. My kid brother, on a vacation with his dad in the Poconos, kind of just got bit in the ass by a dog. This is not even a joke, as funny as it may sound. It's happened to him once before (I guess dogs just like his ass). This time, however, he needs stitches, and he wants me to go up there and hang-out with him this weekend, and if I say no, then what kind of brother am I? So I'm heading up there in about an hour or so, and I won't be back till Sunday night. Once we open the new site (soon, I promise), we won't have to halt the posting of news and such when these things happen. The site will resume news on Sunday night, for now, use the comments as a forum to post your own news. Damn, I need a wireless broadband laptop or something.

By the way, I'm not sure if there is a computer up there or not, I'm assuming no. If anything, I'll update you when I get there. If there is no update, that means no computer.

Update 4/20/08 8:27PM: If you haven't noticed by now, I'm back. My brother's ass is fine as well, so no need to worry about that. Thanks for your concerns.


NyghtcrawleR said...

The best part is you actually put a picture of a kid getting bit....haha

onAXIS said...

Luckily it is nothing serious. I actually laughed a bit when he told me, and so did he.

imgoingtomakeyoubald said...

Best wished to your brother. Sadly, however, I can't help but see the funny side to this. Shame on me :(

Anonymous said...

Buy a laptop and an aircard from a cell phone carrier. This will help u keep things updated on the go!

incredibilistic said...

Take care. Safe travels.

The regulars will try to keep the site alive while you're away.

Okay everyone, let's try to break the last comment record, which I think was around 28 or so.

NyghtcrawleR said...

Which post was that for the GTA one? I dont remember honestly..

Anonymous said...

Take care dude,,,,, we will take care of updating in our way.

OK guys time to work, lets update each other here.

dante said...

honestly this is one of the greatest ps3 news sites online..go ahead a chill with your bro...and better yet...take a break and relax while your at travels


Anonymous said...

COD4 has now passed 9 million copies sold.

Anonymous said...

‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ Does Not Have Split-Screen Multiplayer (Public Service Announcement)

We’ve already reported that “Grand Theft Auto IV” does not have split-screen multiplayer. I am sure we did. A while ago.
Yeah, right here, in a “GTA IV” article that I filed on April 8, I wrote:
The multiplayer modes cannot be played split-screen, so forget about playing this with buddies on a single couch.
I was told that by Rockstar representatives while they played the multiplayer game with me over a dev-kit LAN in the company’s New York City office.
But people keep asking about split-screen options on the comments sections of our “GTA IV” posts.
Sorry, but the option is just not there. Players can go anywhere in “GTA IV”’s massive city while in any of the multiplayer modes. I just can’t see how a single Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 could have been expected to render two different parts of Liberty City at once even in a half-screen size. That’s what many game makers tell me, too, when this topic comes up.
For all horsepower of this new generation of hardware, split-screen is just something that doesn’t work. Not when the alternative — online one-system-per-TV gaming — is so easily achievable.

Silvia S14a said...

You do need a wireless broadband laptop :).
Hope your bro gets well soon

Anonymous said...


MGS4 Old Snake <---CLick Here

Anonymous said...

New Wardevil ScreenShots
One Of my most anticpated game.

Here The Link Through

New Wardevil screenshots, trailer coming soon (UPDATE

Anonymous said...

Kojima Disappointed With Metal Gear Solid 4

Why Mr. Kojaima? you worked so hard on it!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's not really that funny, your brother was just unlucky

Anonymous said...

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