Tuesday, February 12, 2008

EA Extends NFL License Until 2013

Today, Electronic Arts announced that it is extending it's National Football League license until 2013. Meaning you'll be guranteed to have a Madden 09, Madden 10, Madden 11, Madden 12, and Madden 13.

The agreement also allows EA access to NFL Films and the NFL Network "to enrich its game experiences".

"This is all about bringing authenticity and realism to NFL videogames," commented Eric Grubman, president of NFL Ventures.

"EA Sports continually works to maintain the cutting edge for NFL products across a variety of gaming platforms. We like the fact that they never rest."

Let's hope that Madden 09 looks just as good on the PLAYSTATION 3 this time.

[EA extends NFL deals until 2013]


incredibilistic said...

This is horrible! I was hoping that eventually 2K Sports would get another shot at making a good football game that rivals Madden but I guess we'll have to wait even longer.

Actually, this year I was split between EA's and 2K Sports' basketball games. On the one side the animation and playability of 2K's game was way better but the graphics in Live were unreal. If 2K can improve their engine and get the graphics up to the level of EA then I think they'll take them next season.

Too bad about the football deal though. This means EA can continue to limit features until they feel like they want to release them.

Anonymous said...

I remember the days when every year we got the best football title at only $20 upon it's release. Sadly it ended with NFL 2K5.

Anonymous said...

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