Tuesday, February 12, 2008

onAXIS Finally Moving to WordPress

We know it seems like it was never gonna happen, but its finally going to happen people. We are running out of image hosting space on our Blogger account, and that means we are finally taking the next step. Right now, we are building the main theme of the site, which you can see above (it's not finished, don't worry). For "surprising" purposes, the name will be revealed when the site is launched. Expect to see this new site at the end of the month.

We are still PLAYSTATION only!


NyghtcrawleR said...

If your not going into the whole console thing and sticking with ps3 only, why the site rename?

onAXIS said...

We thought of a cooler name. =]

Anonymous said...

"We are still PLAYSTATION only!"

Yay. :)

Too many multiplatform sites out there that can't live up to their promise of covering every platform fairly. Better to be like Blu-ray.com where the coverage and rules are clear to everybody.

I might even sign up with a proper name once you've made the switchover.

incredibilistic said...

This is my FIRST stop EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK for ALL my PS3 news and info! I probably check this site every other hour or more. I check it when I first wake up and although it only takes me about 30 minutes to get to work I check it again almost immediately when I sit at my desk.

It's almost an addiction at this point. Yeah, I still check other sites (and I won't mention them because if you don't know you don't need any other site than this one anyway) but this is the only site I check almost a dozen or more times a day. All other news is just an afterthought.

If it's possible with WordPress you should add the ability for people to add avatars when they leave a comment. I think it'll go a long way to getting more people to post comments.

As for the name, whatever you think is cool then I'm sure we'll all like it. Either way it won't stop me from coming to this site.

onAXIS said...

Yeah, we already integrated avatars into the new site comments. =] We are using those Gravatars now.

PilarVIRUS said...

Cool, i moved to wordpress too because it was much easeir for me to use wordpress then blogger. If you need tips on working wordpress and saving sever space feel free to cantact me at GamerCO177@yahoo.com or at GamercenterOnline@gmail.com

jam said...

Awesome! Now we just need that podcast and this site would be the bomb!

Anonymous said...

@incredibilistic:Awesome, I do the same here too, I check it every time I set close to a PC, even my friend's PC ,LOL we have a commen, I like onAXIS's site so much

onAXISI'm pertty good with Wordpress information,plugins there is alot of things I'm aware of. OK here few ideas for your wordpress blog

1- as you said (GAVATAR is great)
2- Rate Post (Post Ratings V 1.20)
3- Open image in JS window with out leaving the site(lightbox-
4- Sticky Post , this plugsin is great (wp-sticky110)
5- FCK editor its the best post editor I have ever seen , check there site.
6- Custom smiles V1.2: is the best plugsin so far that let you and your visiter/subscriber to add smiles to their comments.

those 6 plugsin are the best include other one.

if you are interested email me onAXIS, I'll send you the links through your EMail.

Kudos to you and us (onAXIS's fans)

onAXIS said...

Ah, thanks Kaddas, though I'm quite aware of most of those.

1) We just got the Gravatar's implemented, they look great!

2) The post ratings are pretty nice, I've seen them on the PlayStation.Blog, we may implement them.

3) The gallery plugin we are using uses Lightbox. =]

4) We wouldn't really need a sticky post unless we had a really important post. But thats what the featured is for.

5) The FCKEditor looks nice, but I'm more used to writing in code.

6) Custom smilies seem nice, we might implement that.

Anyway, the site is looking totally different from the image in this post. We also finally have another writer on board, a feature and review writer who's name is Matthew Frassetti, so expect to see a lot of him.

Anonymous said...

@ onAXIS Sounds Great.

Oh Yeah Please , Don't make us wait longer due to our addiction to onAXIS.

Hurry Please LOL

Anonymous said...

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