Friday, February 22, 2008

GDC 2008: Square Enix Renames White Engine to Crystal Tools

At the Game Developers Conference 2008, Square Enix's Taku Murata had a conference during the show. He revealed that the White Engine, which is being uses in Square's upcoming Final Fantasy XIII title, has been renamed to Crystal Tools. He also mentioned bringing the engine to the Wii, but of course the graphics will not match up with that of the PLAYSTATION 3's.

[GDC 08: White Engine renamed to Crystal Tools]


incredibilistic said...

I guess racism, or the thought of it, exists in the middleware world too.

Maybe the black PS3 would reject and resent a white engine being used on it.

But crystal? Now that's different. The PS3 will think it's champagne. You know, cris-tahl!!!

Forget about the middleware, just give us the friggin' game already!!!

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