Friday, February 22, 2008

When Home Doesn't Come, Frustration Does

Home was announced just about a year ago, with so many users anticipating it's release that October/November. Unfortunately, it was delayed till 2008. People can become frustrated when games like HAZE and some multiplatform PLAYSTATION 3 games are delayed as well.

Those frustrated gamers started a petition demanding Sony Computer Entertainment to release an open beta for Home. If you support it, swing by and give it a sign.

[Petition of Home Open Beta]


CvX! said...

Actaully, I don't think this petition is necessary. I still believe in this website:

incredibilistic said...

While I whole-heartedly agree that Sony is horrible at coming through on their promises in a timely manner I don't think these petitions do anything of any real value.

It seems to be a growing trend that rarely leads nowhere.

However, if petitions are going to take place I think it's more important to take up the issue by bombarding a Sony site like the Playstation.Blog site. If the servers are hit so hard that the webmasters have to start diverting traffic to other servers or causing the site to break in half because of all the hits, I believe it will send a much larger message to Sony.

Having said that, nothing will happen faster just because gamers want it to. We have no idea what's going on behind the scenes of all this stuff. All we see and know is that we want it and we want it now.

As far as I'm concerned we should've had a lot of stuff a lot sooner. Why LBP is launching in September is a disgrace. The game looked well passed 50% complete last year yet we'll have to wait a 19 months before the final game is released.

Bottomline, Sony has some great things to offer but some times they over-promise and under-deliver and to top it off they're super late.

ns said...

lol, what incred said. these petitions are useless. they don't do anything. home will come out when it comes out. in-game xmb will come out when it comes out. anything at all will come out when it comes out. moaning and whining is not gonna help.. only once is a while.. rarely

incredibilistic said...

I meant to elaborate on the 19 month wait for LBP. 19 months would include the time it was first shown, Feb 2007, to September 2008.

Do the math, it's 19 months. Just 5 months shy of 2 years. At this point I think some of the excitement has gone down a bit. If they had released this a few months after it was shown it would've been a HUGE hit. Not that it won't when it's released but having the show's momentum would've helped.

Anonymous said...

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