Monday, February 11, 2008

PLAYSTATION 3 Information Board to Incorporate Blog Posts this Week

On the PlayStation.Blog, Jeff Rubenstein commented that the stories posted on the PlayStation.Blog will start feeding into the PLAYSTATION 3's information board this week.

Hopefully now, it will not be such a useless feature.

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incredibilistic said...

I actually forgot all about this feature! I haven't used it since it was first introduced late last year during the 2.0 update.

It also proved to be more of a problem than a benefit as it slowed down certain games and the function of the XMB.

Once again Sony shows that they can create cool features for the PS3 and not live up to them. Custom themes? There's about a dozen from Sony and a billion from gamers. PSN Store? Still a friggin' web site. Avatars? Still can't upload your own except for user accounts.

I hate to be hard on the PS3 but there's so much potential but it's yet to be fully realized.

Anonymous said...

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