Monday, February 11, 2008

Resistance 2: Some New Details

PlayThree has got some exclusive information on Insomniac's upcoming Resistance: Fall of Man 2.

- Online matches are separated into 30 vs. 30 teams which will then be divided into squads with their own objectives.

- The story starts with Nathan travelling to Iceland, the base of the SRPA (Special Projects Research Administration). When he arrives, he finds out that other humans have been infected by mutant DNA who also have mutant healing and telepathic abilities. They were brought together as a task force named the Sentinels, each having their own abilities and weapons.

- The cooperative campaign is all about teamwork. "The initial bridge attack forces players to deal with danger from multiple angles. The Titans meanswhile require the squad to divide and conquer, as these behomoths can easily take out an entire squad with one hit from a rocket cannon."

- There are 3 co-op character classes. Soldier, medic, and special-ops trooper. Each can collect XP points to improve their skills (ala Call of Duty 4.).

- The Splitter is a new weapon, a mini-gun that can spray a barrage of rounds.

- Special abilities can be 'charged up' by killing aliens. If your shields are down, kill more aliens to recharge.

- The medic will shoot a special gun on the injured.

- The new stalker has been significantly upgraded in detail level and functionality. It now features a big red eye at the front.

- New super-bosses. Giant size. That aren't taken down the same way as other enemies are taken down. They have full AI, and dynamic animation.
All PLAYSTATION 3 owners should leave your homes now and go get a headset because when Resistance 2 is released, your going to want one.

[Resistance 2 - Attack on the USA - Exclusive new details]


Anonymous said...

I like that they are increasing the maximum number of players, but squad based with adjectives doesn't sound too fun to me.

Anonymous said...

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