Monday, February 11, 2008

Valve: No PS3 version of Left 4 Dead In Development

The latest 1UP Podcast featured Brian Intihar from Electronic Gaming Monthly. He stated that he knows that Left 4 Dead will be coming to the PLAYSTATION 3. He (yet again) claims to have been told by a good source. The game is also listed as multiplatform in EGM's "Games of 2008" feature.

However, Destructoid contacted Valve. Doug Lombardi stepped in to say "There is no PS3 version of Left 4 Dead announced, nor in development. Not sure how that got started."

You never know, it could just be a secret. It's called surprise fellas. I have a good feeling about this one.

[Rumortoid: Left 4 Dead headed to PlayStation 3 (Update)]


Anonymous said...

It wont come out on the ps3 ^_^

Anonymous said...

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