Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wardevil: New Poster Plus Tiny Details

Digi-Guys has released a new poster alongside PlayStation Universe of their upcoming Wardevil: Unleash the Beast Within exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

The games engine is called the RTE1080 (HD baby!) running at 60 frames per second with high resolution textures. Here are some new, but minor details

- They are not finished with the game yet, still adding improvements both gameplay wise and graphically.

- They are making good use of the SPU's and streaming off of the Blu-ray disc.

- Their goal is to get the Blu-ray film & game to look as identical as there is no transition between game/cinematic.
Thats all, enjoy the poster folks.

[PSU's Easter exclusive: New Wardevil screenshot]


Anonymous said...

Wardevil is totaly my kinda game. it features every thing I need in this kind of game as far as I know from what I red few months ago.
nevertheless, if this game at least reaches 80% of my expectation, I'll buy it, hope so (crossed fingers)

P.S can some1 update me please, I though this game was ment to be multiplatform? becuase in Gametrailers shows PS3 & Xbox360?

Anonymous said...

It was originally multiplatform, but the developers canceled the Xbox 360 version so they could focus on one console and truly make it the best.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous
very true, it's exclusively for the PlayStation 3
I have a lot of hopes for this game. I have no idea why I acted like love at first sight, but I loved the game.

I'll Keep praying day & night for this game so see the light.

Anonymous said...

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