Wednesday, April 2, 2008

DualShock 3 In Stores Next Week: Compatibility List

North America will finally be receiving the DUALSHOCK 3 next week with vibration. A new PlayStation.Blog post reveals which titles in the States will be rumble-ready. Upcoming titles will feature an icon displaying whether the game has rumble or not as well, which isn't really necessary as games should already contain rumble when they are released. That is how it should be.

[Feel the Shock Next Week]


xbandaidx said...

Just got my White DS3 today, the funny thing about it is that Importing it is actually cheaper than buying it retail here in the states (even after shipping costs).

It works GREAT in Uncharted, Warhawk and Burnout Paradise. As for R&C....I haven't played much to be sure but what I have felt was somewhat subtle.

1Up is right, this is a "nextgen rumble" DS3. It's entirely directional which is SWEET. For example, if a nade is blown up to my right, my contoller vibrates on the right side only. If something happens towards the left in front of me, that portion of the controller rumbles.

Far as I know, this is the only current gen controller that has such a thing. I can't wait for MGS4, which 1up said was directional.

incredibilistic said...

Nice. Hopefully GTAIV will have rumble or at least provide a patch for it later (but sooner rather than later).

Henki said...

Incredibilistic: GTA IV already has rumble AND motion sensor features. It was revealed about a month ago. (Don't remember source, but trust me on this one ;) I'm running a Swedish GTA fansite.) These features were among the last things added to GTA IV before it was finished.

The only thing we know about motion sensor in GTA IV is that it will be used "in a way that makes sense". They didn't want to say anything more than that. Helicopters, maybe?

Anonymous said...

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