Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What Do You Want to Know About SOE's The Agency?

We've managed to score an interview with Sony Online Entertainment on their upcoming PlayStation 3 spy-action MMO, The Agency. We are going to put this interview live once the new site opens as one of our first features.

So now we ask, what do you want to know about The Agency that you already do not? We will be taking the best 15-20 questions and quizzing Sony Online Entertainment with our Q&A. Go ahead, shoot your questions in the comments.

Update 4/5/08 1:24am: The Q&A has been sent in. Stay tuned for the new site launch to see your answers.


Jonathan said...

Hmmm, sound like a great idea to me.

1- How about... If the PS3 version it going to need some kind of installation on our PS3 hard drive? and how much space it going to take?.

2- How many mission are going to available at the game release and how many time it going to take the new one to arrive?

3- Are going to be Free or not? (I mean the new content).

4- How about a official release date ^__^

Well, here is my part and thanks ^__^

Anonymous said...

Obviously new details about cross-platform play:
-Is it officially cut?
-Will the PS3 version support mouse and Keyboard?
-Micro-transaction details?
-Home support/Integration?

Anonymous said...

Will it have monkies, motorbikes or anti-aliasing?

Anonymous said...

1) What kind of vehicles will be featured in the game, if any?

2) Will there be any other kind of weapons besides guns?

3) What kind of Home Integration are you planning?

Anonymous said...

will there be a public beta?

whats the max amount of players in a server?

incredibilistic said...

Regarding the arcade cabinets in the waiting areas, will there be more to play than just Q-Bert? If so, will there always be the same 3 or 4 games?

Do you think having these waiting areas will detract people from hanging out in Home to meet up with people to play the game or just boot up the game and hang out there?

Regarding Home, will there be any entitlements/trophies to earn? Will there be a Home space dedicated to the game where you can access content not available in the game?

How will the game be hosted? Dedicated servers (ala Warhawk) or by a specific user's PS3? I ask this because what if someone hosting a game looses his connection (which happens in CoD4 and causes the match to end) how will this effect gameplay/XP points?

And yes, an official release date would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Hello, my questions are :

- Are the online going to be Free (or will we have to pay by month like mmo) ?

- a demo (or beta) is coming ?

Bond0007 said...

Can you do missions with a ParaGON member when your in the UNITE agents group or vice versa?

Shibbs said...

What will the monthly rate be for the game, I'm pretty sure it's going to cost money, so far to date every mmo by them has cost money.

Anonymous said...

i doubt they will charge monthly

Anonymous said...

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