Monday, February 25, 2008

BBC Previews: Motorstorm 2, Resistance 2, "Speechless" Secret Title

Darren Waters of BBC was shown some exclusive previews recently of upcoming PLAYSTATION 3 games.

He was first shown Motorstorm 2, which is due out sometime during Christmas. He explains that unlike the first game which features the desert as the main environment, the sequel features a lush island environment along with what the first game was lacking, four player split-screen. The title is some months away from completion, but he explains the game's engine was rock solid and the graphics were highly impressive as you would expect from "one of the best-looking racing franchises."

He also previewed Resistance 2. He was only shown a trailer, but he stated that it was clear Insomniac Games wanted to make a statement, especially since the online hosts 60 players at the same time. He explains that it screams epic and concludes with "You haven't seen what we are truly capable of."

The editor teases us with a new title he was show. This new title is due out in 2009, but he was shown to absolute secrecy. The game is so secret that when he mentioned it to Phil Harrison, he was unsure to admit the title existed (as he was not informed he was told). He teases more by telling us the title left him "speechless" and the footage he was shown was truly "in game".

What could this title be? Sony Computer Entertainment showed it to him, so it would have to be published by them? What could be so speechless? Could it be Final Fantasy VII (they own the rights), or perhaps Sly Cooper 4? Maybe a whole new IP? Start counting down to E3 people.

[PlayStation bounces back]


xbandaidx said...

huh? Sony owns the rights to FF7? That's news to me.

Now this is just some guy who works for BBC, who knows how many games he's played or whatnot. It might not take much to impress him. Hopefully we see this trailer at E3.

jam said...

Yeah I'm quite surprised too that Sony owns the rights to Final Fantasy VII. But it kind of makes sense since they were the ones that helped Square published it in Europe and America.

Please let this speechless title be Final Fantasy VII!!

incredibilistic said...

No matter how great the graphics look if the framerate isn't solid then it'll be the Final Fantasy movie all over again.

Anonymous said...

I think it's Heavy Rain.

Anonymous said...

cant be, has to be a secret title since mr harrison wasnt even sure to tell him wehter it was reel or not

Anonymous said...

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