Monday, February 25, 2008

Dead Rising 2 Being Done by Blue Castle Games?

There was a rumor a while back the the sequel to Dead Rising would be coming from a Wesetern developer. A source today says that the development duties have been shifted to Blue Castle Games. They are responsible for the likes of The Bigs from 2K Sports. As Capcom said they will not do exclusives anymore, and Surfer Girl and Skater Boy (to add more to it) said it's coming to both consoles, this is probably going to be multiplatform.

Recently added videos on the Blue Castle web site feature interviews with team employees who call one of their upcoming games "probably the most sought after projects in Vancouver" amid bleeps that might give some indication about what they're working on. Another interview with the art staff talks of working on "far more interesting things than stadium artwork" including "city streets, weapons and vehicles." Of course, it does not confirm Dead Rising 2 for Capcom, the chatter heard at last week's GDC 2008 makes it sound like the rumor has some basis in truth.

With current Capcom games in development by third parties, this is highly beleivable.

[Dead Rising 2 Coming From The Bigs Team?]


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