Monday, February 25, 2008

Home Unaffected by Harrison's Departure

Since Phil Harrison is stepping down, many are wondering whats going on with PlayStation Home, meaning the impact his retirement from the company will have. Phil Harrison was one of the biggest helpersfor Home, he had the vision.

"[It's] business as usual for Home. The projects that Phil has been working on including Home are still on track and are still sticking to their current schedules," a Sony Computer Entertainment America spokesperson told us. "Each title and project is supported by a wide variety of people behind the scenes to ensure the highest quality and execution."

The release for Home is currently Spring 2008. Only a few more months people.

[Sony: PlayStation Home Unaffected by Harrison's Departure]


incredibilistic said...

Someone commented in the Phil Harrison article that Phil's departure wasn't the worse news. Well, in some ways he's right. The worst news would be that the world is about to explode in two days.

Aside from that the really bad news is stuff like Home and other projects he was working on. While those current projects are on track it's the future that I'm more worried about. I'm sure Phil had more ideas to share but now we'll never get those ideas again.

Although it's possible that Sony will bring him back but maybe under a different title where he can be more influential.