Monday, February 25, 2008

Phil Harrison Quits Sony Computer Entertainment

Phil Harrison, president of Sony Computer Entertainment, who was with the company for 15 years, will be resigning as of February 29, 2008.

Kaz Hirai, the president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment will take the responsibilities as precident of Sony Computer Entertainment along with his current role.

“As one of the founding members of SCE, Phil played a key role in the development and growth of the PlayStation business and our industry,” said Hirai. “It is sad to see him departing from SCE, but I wish to express my gratitude for his many invaluable contributions and also wish Phil the very best of luck in his future endeavors.”

“The past 15 years at Sony Computer Entertainment has been the defining journey of my life so far,” said Harrison. “I am grateful to all the PlayStation family for their incredible support, guidance and friendship. It has been a privilege to serve as part of the team and be inspired by them on a daily basis. I am so proud of everything PlayStation has achieved and will continue to support its future in every way I can.”

It really sucks to see him go. He was one of the greatest members of the Sony team, and a real nice person as well. Good luck Phil!



incredibilistic said...


This is the worst news EVER for the PS3. Forget about price drops, multiple SKUs and game delays, this is the worst thing to happen to Sony in its time of glory.

I read another comment from someone that suggested that he may be going to Atari. That's good news to hear but I don't see how that's likely.

I pray to God he doesn't go work for MS or Nintendo. Bad enough he was already frustrated with the Japanese for not being more sensitive to social gaming. Now this.

I'm mortified. I'll be mourning this all day.

Anonymous said...

I doubt he'll be going to another console-maker, although Atari does sound possible. The company has been struggling for quite some time now, and if it is true it could benefit Sony.

Sony could have a lot of potential exclusives with Atari, now I realize that Atari isn't the best developer out there, but if anyone can turn them around it'd be Phil.

incredibilistic said...

The Atari thing is still said to be unconfirmed but honestly speaking I can't see how this is a move up for Phil.

I can only imagine that they're paying him tons of cash to join up and it's possible that Phil has a non-compete clause in his contract that would forbid him from going with a direct competitor like Nintendo or MS.

Then again Peter Moore left Sega for MS but the situation was a bit different since Sega had turned into a third-party developer by that point. So if Peter did have a clause it wouldn't have been as effective since Sega stopped competing on a hardware level.

I'm still blown away by this news. It's just unconceivable that Phil left the company at this stage in the PS3's life.

I also hope they eventually find a worthy replacement for Phil rather than stretching Kaz to the limit. I'm sure he's busy enough. And while I like Kaz there's a small amount of bulls*** on the surface level of his media spin.

Everyone spins, it's the world we live in. I can take it. But Phil had a way of spinning things without the bitter spin flavor. Kaz is more of a talking-head office executive.

At least we still have Jack Tretton. He's no Phil but he's a pretty straight shooter (except when he lied about the Killzone footage from E3 '05 and I'm sure there's more but he's okay in my book).

NyghtcrawleR said...

I dont think its the worst news ever lol. Its a shame but sometimes its just time to move on. Maybe he was tired of running around all the time or maybe he just wants to try something new...

I wouldnt worry too much.

Anonymous said...

OMG Sony is going down. First was Kutaragi, and now..Phil
whats going on? Phil in the last days criticised the sony japan, so... it was the real reason????

Damned nintendo, and your wii

Anonymous said...

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