Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Burnout Paradise: Experience DLC Without Paying For It

Electronic Arts confirmed today that the Burnout Paradise downloadable content will be able to be seen in an online game even if you don't have it. Unlike other games that restrict you from playing with that person if they don't have that content.

“Crucially we also didn’t want to split the playing community between those that have updated data and those that don’t. We saw this as vital in maintaining simplicity to all online users; different players having different content packages wouldn’t be able to play online with each other.”

It's good that they plan on this. We woulnd't want to not be able to play with a friend just because they have content we don't.

“It’s our intention to extend the life of Burnout with additional DLC in the near future. As mentioned, we don’t want to split the online community between those that have content and those that don’t. Our intention is to offer both free and paid for DLC in a way that enables everyone to ’see’ the content, even if they have not paid for it,” said an EA representative in an e-mailed statement.

[EA Says You’ll Experience ‘Burnout Paradise’ DLC — Even if You Don’t Buy it]


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