Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Media Molecule Knows How to Dress a Sack

Still mad we won't be playing LittleBigPlanet till September 2008? Well, Media Molecule has jumped to thet next level, real Sackboys, and they are playing in LittleRealWorld.

All we know is, we want one. You got to admit, he's cute. He comes just in time for the Chinese New Year as well. Look at his headdress.

[Sackboy. Fo' Real]


incredibilistic said...

What a great way to market the game. Release dolls for a game that doesn't have any sort of buzz beyond word of mouth from geeks.

Still, he is cute. This is actually the perfect toy line. Like Barbies, sell the main body and then make tons of cash from the outfits (that normally sell for about the same price or more than the naked doll).

Then start making Lego-style pieces that allow you to create real world LPB stages. It's actually genius the more I think about it.