Monday, March 10, 2008

PlayStation 3 Official Headset Revealed

Well, Sony Computer Entertainment are finally doing it, they are releasing an official PlayStation 3 headset. Thanks to Akayuki, we have the first information on this. Lets take a look.

PlayStation 3 BlueTooth Headset


- Provides High-fidelity audio input to PS3.
- Supports “voice command” in certain PS3 games.
- Easy pairing through USB connection with PS3.
- Comes with docking station for easy charging.
- Compatible with cellphones.


Consumers who want to communicate while in-game.


Standalone – $49.99 MSRP; SOCOM: Confrontation bundle - $59.99 MSRP

So, it looks like SOCOM: Confrontation will be arriving on blu-ray as well. Good to hear, can't wait for the headset to arrive.

[PS3 BT Headset & PSP GPS Unit Details]


Anonymous said...

Unless Sony officially release the pic(s), I'm a little wary of a less than great CG hardware render.

incredibilistic said...

Looks pretty official to me. What I'm more upset about is the time factor. It's been over a year and Sony is just now getting around to releasing an official headset? Why did it take so long?

Sometimes I wonder if none of the other arms of Sony are involved with the Playstation. Since Sony makes cell phones it would only seem logical that they would get with the Ericsson guys and get a bluetooth headset ready for the PS3 on day one. But no, we have to wait 16 months for this thing to hit the market. Actually it'll be even longer unless they plan on releasing SOCOM before the end of the month.

If it is indeed launching at the same time we could be looking at 18+ months before this thing comes out. Way to go Sony. Way to stay on the ball. Why not delay Home another 8 months! Then go by Media Molecule and tell them they're going to fast. Tell 'em to wait until August 2010 to release the game to make sure it's ready. Don't forget about Killzone2. I'm sure that game needs another 12 months in the oven.

Sorry but stuff like this just pissing me off. Yeah, we're getting it but it's the waiting that's killing me.

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