Monday, March 10, 2008

GameStop Lets You Have HAZE for a Week for Free (Sort Of)

It seems GameStop & EBGames are having a promotional offer for Ubisoft's upcoming HAZE. Pre-purchase the game upon it's release, and return it within a week after buying it and you'll get full credit back, meaning you can buy another game if you like.

You really need to look at it this way. This offer is pretty stupid. It's like renting a game for $60, but we all know thats what things like GameFly, Hollywood Video, and Blockbuster are for.

[EBGames: Get Haze for free!]


Boberman said...

I see it mroe as a try before you buy. If you like haze you will keep it, if your disapointed you can return it and get a different game. At no cost to yourself.

xbandaidx said...

Just to let people know, the fine print on this image says that this deal is only offered in Canada. Hopefully it comes to the US as well.

Anonymous said...

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