Monday, March 10, 2008

Speed Racer's Mach 5 Featured in Gran Turismo 5?

While reading through the magazine, Destructoid bloggre Klytus found an article on the Mach 5 (haha!) of Speed Racer fame in the latest Road n' Track magazine. Part of the article reads:

Special thanks to Warner Bros. Studios for supplying the car; Yokohama Tire Co. for their support arranging the photo shoot; Willow Run Airport for renting us a hangar, and Polyphony Digital Inc. for creating a virtual simulation of the Mach 5 that we used for our performance tests.

Polyphony Digital is the same company that develops Gran Turismo. Could this mean we will be seeing the Mach 5 in the full Gran Turismo 5? Let's hope so.

[Rumor: Mach 5 in Gran Turismo 5?]