Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Codemasters Speak on Overlord for PLAYSTATION 3

Yesterday, we reported that a dutch gaming site supposedly confirmed Overlord will be coming to the PLAYSTATION 3. Today, Codemasters speaks on what the Dutch website supposedly confirmed.

When VideoGamer contacted them, a spokesperson for Codemasters said: "After the release of the Overlord: Raising Hell expansion pack on Xbox Live Marketplace last week, there's been a definite increase in interest surrounding the dark adventures of the minion master. However, although we won't comment on rumour and speculation, I can certainly confirm that you haven't seen the last of the Overlord just yet."

Sounds a lot like a tease to me. Keep your fingers crossed though, because it sounds a whole lot possible to me.

[Codies: "You haven't seen the last of Overlord yet"]