Wednesday, February 20, 2008

GDC 2008: Top 10 PLAYSTATION Network Titles Downloaded Since Lauch

Sony Computer Entertainment released a list of the top ten downloaded PLAYSTATION Network titles since launch, and that list is below.

1. flOw
2. Mortal Kombat II
3. Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection
5. Warhawk
6. High Velocity Bowling
7. Super Stardust HD
8. Calling All Cars!
9. Aquatopia
10. Everyday Shooter
Yeah we know, it's hard to believe that Aquatopia outsold Everyday Shooter. It's also hard to believe how well Mortal Kombat II did. You'd of never guessed.

They also threw out the list of the top ten downloaded demos, lets take a look at that below.
1. Gran Turismo HD Concept
2. Uncharted
3. Ninja Gaiden Sigma
4. Heavenly Sword
5. The Simpsons Game
6. Need for Speed ProStreet
7. Ratchet and Clank
8. Burnout Paradise
9. Motorstorm
10. Turok
Yeah, Turok's downloads must of been a lot because it seems to have risen fast to make that list. They also have a list of the top 10 European downloaded games which you can view at the link below.

[GDC08: The Top 10 PSN downloads since launch]


Amish_Gramish said...

I'm glad to see that flow, a game that I'm in the credits of, is STILL the most downloaded PSN game!

And I was just browsing various game sites and found yours! (It looks great!)
And if you're a fan of flOw, please join the forums at! We are always looking for new members!

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