Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tales of Vesperia (Possibly Timed) Exclusive for Xbox 360

The latest issue of PLAY Magazine sadly reveals that Namco Bandai's upcoming Tales of Vesperia, which is the first Tales game to be made in HD, will be an Xbox 360 exclusive.

PLAY Magazine, being the PLAYSTATION 3 fanatics that they are, interviewed Yoshito Higuchi on why it was exclusive to the Xbox 360. He stated when they started the project, the Xbox 360 had a more complete development environment. When they asked if they would see Tales of Vesperia ported to the PLAYSTATION 3, Higuchi replied with "Yes, I won’t deny the possibility. But we’re not thinking about it yet-there are so many other things to concentrate on first."

This really gets me angry in a way since I'm a huge fan of the Tales series. They will probably port it to the PLAYSTATION 3 when sales don't go so well in Japan.

[Tales of Vesperia (Timed) Exclusive for 360]


Anonymous said...

NAMCO must really hate their Japanese fans. The ones that will ACTUALLY buy this game in large numbers.

It's well known that Microsoft's been throwing money towards Namco for exclusives that Xbox owners aren't really all that interested in, still with the positive effect (for them) of keeping the game off PS3 for a whole. It just seems as though Namco's given up on making money the good old fashioned way - by selling games to those that really want them.

jam said...

Eternal Sonata failed on 360
Ace Combat 6 failed on 360
Beautiful Katamari failed on 360
Tales of Vesperia will also fail on 360

The "Tales of" franchise is namco's flagship RPG series so i really hope Namco realizes the consequences of putting Japanese franchises on 360.

Anonymous said...

however to some people the game will cause people to go out and buy xbox 360's. more money for microsoft. then when they all have their new xbox's and tales of vesperia's they'll think. hey what the hell. might as buy more xbox games since i have one. so theres even more money right there

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