Wednesday, February 20, 2008

GDC 2008: PLAYSTATION Store Coming to PSP

Chris Eden from Sony Computer Entertainment is currently at GDC 2008 and mentioned a PLAYSTATION Store on the PSP in his GDC session. Currently, players need to have a PC in order to access the store for the PSP. PSP owners will soon be able to download games straight to their systems from within the actual PSP itself. "Access native PLAYSTATION Store on PSP via wireless hotspot," the slide notes. "Purchase and download content direct to PSP (no USB cable)." As of now, the release is currently TBA, but we will update you when we find out more.

[GDC08: Wi-Fi PSP Store promised]


Anonymous said...

Woo! Finally.

incredibilistic said...

While the Skype update didn't take long after it was announced at CES it would be nice if Sony announced something at a show and it was ready to go the same day or the next day.

MS announced their new YouTube-like Community Arcade and the service is ready now. Meanwhile we're still waiting for Home and LBP.

I love you Sony but come on, get with it already!!!!

Anonymous said...

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