Thursday, February 21, 2008

PLAYSTATION 3 Needs Their Own Epic Exclusive

Well, the Game Developers Conference for 2008 has been going on this week, and Microsoft announced Gears of War 2 with Cliffy B. running out on the end with the chainsaw gun screaming November 2008.

Now, your obviously on onAXIS because your a PLAYSTATION 3 fan, but you got to admit, Gears of War was one hell of game that I'm sure any of us would greatly welcome to our consoles. We have Resistance 2 to go up against Gears of War 2, but even though Insomniac is going to develop one hell of a game that may be better than Gears 2, it's hype is not in tact with that of Gears 2. Meaning Gears 2 will most likely move more consoles than Resistance 2.

We know from the success of Unreal Tournament III that Epic Games and Sony have a tight relationship. Sony should use that relationship to their advantage by getting their own 3rd person action title out of Epic exclusively for the PLAYSTATION 3. I'm sure Mark Rein would love to work on a project such as that.

Those are just my two cents on my own argument. Yeah, I know... weird.


jam said...

I'm not really sold that either Gears 2 nor Resistance 2 will move much consoles. I mean the people who will buy Gears 2 probably already have Gears 1 which means they already own a 360. Same with Resistance 2. I think 360 has reached saturation for FPS games since Halo 3 came out.

incredibilistic said...

It would be nice if Gears 2 was going multiplatform and I'm just as bummed as you are about not having a huge FPS title on the PS3 like Gears.

Hopefully Killzone 2 will do better this time around but it's going to have to have the same in-your-face action that Gears brought on or bring something new to the genre that people just have to have.

Anonymous said...

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