Thursday, February 21, 2008

Phil Harrison: You Can't Get Wii's Whole Audience

During the "Lunc with the Luminaries" session at GDC 2008, Phil Harrison, Son's president of worldwide studios, told EA Blueprint's Neil Young that making Wii games may not be as viable as third-party publishers think.

Phil Harrison stated "Your addressable market is only 40% of the installed base."

You can't get them all.

[Sony's Harrison: You Can't Get Wii's Whole Audience]


incredibilistic said...

You tell 'em Phil. While Nintendo has a large user base their still not catering to the hard core gamer that still makes up a large percentage of the gaming public.

Once LBP and SingStar launches Sony will have some formidable weapons to capture some of the Wii market as well as keep the hardcore gamers pleased with Killzone 2 and others.

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