Thursday, February 21, 2008

GDC 2008: More Warhawk DLC on the Way

Warhawk is one of the best multiplayer games on the PLAYSTATION 3 right now in my opinion (and I'm sure thousands of others). Dylan Jobe, the game director, told us today the game will continue to be supported through a number of downloadable expansions and those aren't the last we will see of the franchise.

Operation Broken Mirror is one of these new downloadable expansions confirmed for a future release. It will contain a new vehicle (an APC that acts as a portable spawn point and equipment producer) and of couse, a new map.

They are also working on new game modes, but these will be released for free via game updates and patches.

Jobe plans to go beyond the content we've heard of. "As long as the community exists and as long as there is an appetite for playing the game and new content, that's good for us and we want to try to do split deliveries -- you can always get free stuff and you always have to option to buy certain content," said Jobe. They will support the game as long as players are willing to play the game.

Regarding single-player, which was dropped from the game, Jobe stated that they were against it, and if we see it, it will be part of a new product. They are interested in taking Warhawk beyond the current PLAYSTATION 3 title, saying that "if there is an opportunity that presents itself for us to further the franchise then we'll definitely take advantage of it."

Who knows, what if Warhawk 2 is already in the works?

[GDC 08: More Warhawk DLC Incoming; Single-Player Later?]