Thursday, February 21, 2008

EU PLAYSTATION Store Update: February 21, 2008

Well, the European PLAYSTATION Store update is really a disappointment this week. I mean seriously, the lack of content is really bad, unless you consider Snakeball something. Anyway, here is the full list.

- Snakeball (£4.99)

- Lost Planet: Extreme Condition demo (free)

Game Videos
- Assassins Creed Developer Diary (free)
- Conflict: Denied Ops Launch Trailer (free)

- Devil May Cry 4 Wallpaper(s) (free)

- Sports Theme (free)
Well, thats the update. Big thanks to WWW for writing it all out for us. Enjoy the new store items, if you can.


incredibilistic said...

Whenever there's a big gaming event I normally look for more announcements from the show rather than the normal Thursday.

My guess is that the US will be even worse. Maybe some Blu-ray trailers since the format won.

As or demos, well, what's left? If anything check to see what XBLM got this week as we normally get their leftovers.

However, I don't think 360 owners got any new demos either and instead got the new Community Games service, meaning they'll be getting dozens of new games per month. Will any of them be worth playing? Well, that's the million dollar question but they'll have way more content than us even if only 10% of the games are actually worth playing.

Anonymous said...

They still have the Turning Point: Fall of Liberty demo along with the The Orange Box: HL2 Episode Two demo that we will probably never get.

Anonymous said...

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