Thursday, February 21, 2008

GDC 2008: Valve Confirms No Left 4 Dead for PLAYSTATION 3, Rather Develop for Wii

Valve's Doug Lombardi today confirmed that the highly anticipated zombie shooter, Left 4 Dead, will not be arriving on the PLAYSTATION 3. They said that the game will only be arriving on the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

“We were really crappy at bringing games to consoles,” he said. He said that it took time for the company to get into the console generation. They now develop games simultaneously for the Xbox 360 and PC, but have limited interest in developing games for the PLAYSTATION 3.

“EA wanted to do Orange Box on PS3 and they handled it,” said Lombardi. “Left 4 Dead isn’t coming out on PS3 because we’ve not had that call. If the phone rang we would have the conversation, certainly, but it hasn’t happened.”

Lombardi also revealed that, “If Valve were to develop in-house for another format, it would be the Wii. It’s growing, there’s already a huge user-base, and it’s fun. Source is really scaleable. We can do that.”

I guess Sony Computer Entertainment would take that as a big insult. I don't know why Valve hates the PLAYSTATION 3 so much. They are a great company and they should release their titles on all consoles.

[GDC: Valve confirms Left 4 Dead left off PS3, moots Source for Wii]


Anonymous said...

it is sad they're so anti-PS3. they don't like the cell's radically different architecture... maybe they're just too set in their ways, technology-wise.

Anonymous said...

Sad, I used to really respect Valve but they keep coming out with these illogical comments. Source is already running on PS3. Work the kinks out and make a kick-ass engine that other developers want to use on PS3.

Anonymous said...

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